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It's here! The 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Switzerland

The season of giving is here and some of your stockings or gift boxes might still be empty. This year's holiday gift guide for Switzerland contains many...
Migros Christmas Spot 2015

These Swiss Christmas traditions surprised me

I grew up in a religious home with the original story of Christmas. When I moved halfway across the world, I realized that Swiss Christmas traditions are...
Montreux Noël Christmas Market

How Montreux rocks the Holiday Season

During a time of year when most Christmas fans head north to markets in Basel, Strasbourg or Nürnberg, we headed south to Montreux.
2016 Swiss Gift Guide

The Ultimate Swiss Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner and you might be struggling to think of gifts for your friends and loved ones. Here are some unique Swiss gift ideas...
Migros Christmas Spot 2015

Top 7 Swiss Christmas Commercials in 2015

With Christmas just around the corner, here are seven television commercials that have hit screens across Switzerland this season...


Christmas Market St.Gallen

Enjoy 700 Stars and a Christmas Market (St. Gallen)

This advent season, St.Gallen is once again turning into the City of Stars. Some 700 giant stars...

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Xmas 2017

This year's hottest Christmas Gifts (Sponsored Video)

On paper, the holidays are an enchanted season full of love. But in reality, love is just one piece of the puzzle. Here are 2017's most popular gifts: