Cafe good in Rapperswil

Feeling all Danish at Café Good in Rapperswil

Are you familiar with the Danish word hygge? It has many meanings and it is no easy task to translate it. At Café Good in Rapperswil...
wartsaal Cafe Bar in Bern, Switzerland

Wartsaal Kaffee Bar is Bern's Coziest Waiting Hall

The Wartsaal Kaffee Bar is located in the Lorraine, a former working class neighborhood in Bern. It's the only waiting room in the world where waiting is...
Nespresso Gourmet Weeks - Restaurant Sonnenberg - Dessert

Nespresso Gourmet Weeks at Restaurant Sonnenberg

Caramelito, Vanilio and Fortissio Lungo. What sound like names from a Giuseppe Verdi opera are types of grand crus coffees from Nespresso Gourmet Weeks...
Black&Blaze Coffee Ads

This Swiss Coffee Brand Uses Ads that "Turn you On"

The Black&Blaze Coffee Roasting Company was founded by a Zürich based photographer with a passion: Claude Stahel. This Swiss coffee brand...
Adriano's Café Bar in Bern, Switzerland

Locally Roasted and Brewed Coffee - Adriano's Bar & Café in Bern

When we ask the locals about where to find good coffee in Bern, almost everyone replies: Adriano's...
5 Ways to Pimp Starbucks - Kopi Luwak

5 Ideas How to Pimp Starbucks in Switzerland

During my trips, I gathered some inspiration from coffee shops all over the world. Now that I am back in Switzerland, I would love to see some ideas come true at my local Starbucks shop...

4 Ways How Starbucks Connects to Swiss Customers

Lately, a lot has been going on at my favorite coffee house. Every time a new product is announced, it seems that Starbucks has carefully studied the Swiss and is applying their knowledge to further localize their marketing approach...

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Nespresso essenza mini

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Machine (Sponsored)

We have been riding on the Nespresso bandwagon for quite a while now. Turns out, the Essenza Mini is an adorable machine with a space saving form factor...