Romansh - RhB Train

The seven flavors of the Romansh language

Graubünden happens to be the only officially sanctioned, trilingual state in which the Romansh language holds the official status. You would think that...
Swiss Office Taboos - Microwaving Cheese Fondue

10 Office Taboos in Switzerland

If you want to succeed at your new job in Switzerland, there are a number of office taboos you should avoid. Did you think showing off your hairy legs...
Asterix in Switzerland

7 Things Asterix Got Right About Switzerland (and 4 he didn't)

When Asterix and Obelix visited Switzerland in 50 BC, they experienced culture shock. After interviewing experts in Swiss culture, banking, and tourism...
The Long Goodbye Roestigraben

The Long Goodbye

Today, a Swiss company sent me a letter that was just 5 sentences long, plus the closing. In my former home...
Liricas Analas

Demystifying Romansh, Switzerland's fourth language

In Switzerland’s mountainous East, roughly 62’000 people speak Romansh. By comparison, this segment equals only 0.9 percent of the Swiss population...

Spend a Night at Zürich Museums

47 museums in Zürich will open their doors for a special night of cultural events! Whether you are interested in art and culture, crazy about science and technology or just fancy a romantic ferry ride, I am sure that will find something you enjoy at Zürich’s museums…
ASO Youth Program - Swiss Roots - SwissCommunity

Discovering Roots: Youth Programs for the Swiss Abroad

Several hundred students flock to Switzerland each year to get a taste of their second home country. Coming from all corners of the world, these youth with Swiss roots will spend two weeks with a Swiss host family while attending a full-immersion language program...

A Primer on Swiss Street Food

Walking down Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich or Luzern on a busy day of shopping can really work up an appetite. What do you get when you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant? Street food!
Willi Schmid (via Fergus Miller)

Willi Schmid - A Hero of Swiss Cheese

I have known Willi for about 5 years now. He makes about 20…