Healthcare in Switzerland

10 surprising things about healthcare in Switzerland

The country that brought us the Red Cross is often regarded as leading when it comes to healthcare: Switzerland.
Swiss Complexion

Uncovering the Secret to Swiss Complexions

Switzerland’s strong global image of clear alpine air and milky skinned maidens has lead the beauty conscious to trust the natural origins of many of the Swiss beauty care lines...
Limmat - Danielle Parla

Is Zürich the Swiss yoga capital?

I always smile when people say “yoga is a popular trend nowadays”. Popular – yes. Trend – hmmm – let’s talk about that...

10 Steps to Settling in Switzerland: Getting Health Insurance (#6)

Similar to the United States, there is no social insurance system in Switzerland in charge of people’s health. However, it is mandatory to have health coverage at all times and you want to avoid problems from the start...