Original Roman Swiss Army Knife

An Unabridged History of the Swiss Army Knife

You may not be aware that the history of the Swiss Army Knife is still a matter of debate among the Swiss. Everyone agrees that the Swiss Army Knife was...

How Switzerland is Seen by Foreigners

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Some Silly (but Real) Questions about Switzerland

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You know you're Swiss if

You Know You’re Swiss If… (Part 2)

We thought it would be a good time to reflect on our first year back in Switzerland. Here are signs that you know you're Swiss...
Budget Mobile Handy

Swinglish 101 - The Swiss Say the Darnest Things

"May I use your handy?" If you have lived in Switzerland long enough, you will have undoubtedly come across this question... It is a perfect example of a Swiss anglicism, or short: Swinglish"!
Bubikon - Swiss Town

10 hilarious Swiss town names with funny connotations

We're back from our mission to collect the funniest, most hilarious town names of Switzerland! Clarification: The tour was virtual, involving a keyboard...

You Know You're Swiss If... (Part 1)

Then: Wondered why we kept missing trains by one minute. Now: Wonder what’s wrong when the train is late by one minute.