10 hilarious Swiss town names with funny connotations

We are back from our mission to collect the funniest, most hilarious town names in Switzerland!

Clarification: The tour was virtual, involving a keyboard and a mouse, and the humor is purely Anglo-Saxon. In other words, farmers waking up in Bitsch or postal workers delivering packages in Dicken would probably never get the joke.

I have the feeling that you are already snickering away... Here goes:

Bitsch (VS)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Bitsch

Bubikon (ZH)

Bubikon - Swiss Town

Say it out loud.


Cunter (GR)

Cunter (GR) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names

Dicken (SG)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Dicken

Edit: Sadly, according to a resident, Dicken no longer runs the post office pictured above.


Egg (ZH)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Egg

Gross (SZ)

Gross (SZ) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names


Hellsau (BE)

Hellsau - Copyright by Dietrich Michael Weidmann

(Picture copyright by Dietrich Michael Weidmann)


Les Arses (FR)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Les Arses

(Picture copyright by malcog)


Moron (BE)

Moron (BE) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names

(Picture copyright watson.ch)


Wankdorf (BE)

There are tons of other town names with hilarious meanings in the Swiss dialect as well. But due to the extensive explanations of those dialect terms, that's a topic for another post... Speaking of which, have you discovered these additional Swiss town names with hilarious connotations, yet?

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22 replies
  1. Tittin
    Tittin says:

    It was even funnier when there was still the sign “Bad Egg” at the Greifensee…my favorite is “Tinizong” though ;-)

  2. Julia
    Julia says:

    Unfortunately Dicken doesn’t have a post-office anymore (since a few years already, as a matter of fact)! How do I know? I live in Dicken…. and I love telling people in the Anglophone world where I live. And, I must admit, it’s fun telling Swiss people about Dicken as well: most of them don’t know that such a place exists in their country (despite this village having been one of the main actors in generating wealth not only for the region but for Switzerland and Europe at large)!

    • dimitri
      dimitri says:

      Thanks so much for the update! It looks like the reporters of Newly Swissed will need to plan an investigative trip to Dicken sometime soon…

      • Julia
        Julia says:

        That sounds like an excellent idea! You’re welcome to stay over at our little house :) … and you’ll, of course, need to sample Dickler cheese and see the sights! If, in the meantime, you’re looking for a virtual tour, you can always check out dicken.ch where you’ll find a live webcam…

    • newlyswissed
      newlyswissed says:

      Ha! Coincidentally, I grew up near Bubikon… The semantics never occurred to me as weird though until an American friend pointed it out! Once heard, I can never “un-hear” it ;-) ^Dimitri

  3. benno-g
    benno-g says:

    Then there’s Gland in Vaud which has raised a chuckle in the past and of
    course the numerous Restaurants, Hotels etc. called “Friedegg”!

  4. TimusdeSchwiiz
    TimusdeSchwiiz says:

    First: The Egg in the picture isn’t Egg (ZH). The Egg in the picture is located in Vorarlberg (Austria). On the first picture you see the true Egg (ZH).

    Second: In Egg (ZH) you can find the Bad Egg. The bath in the Lake Greifensee.


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