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10 hilarious Swiss town names with funny connotations

We are back from our mission to collect the funniest, most hilarious town names in Switzerland.

Clarification: the tour was virtual, involving a keyboard and a mouse, and the humor is purely Anglo-Saxon. In other words, farmers waking up in Bitsch or postal workers delivering packages in Dicken would probably never get the joke.

I have the feeling that you are already snickering away... Here goes:

Bitsch (VS)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Bitsch

Bubikon (ZH)

Bubikon - Swiss Town

Say it out loud.

Cunter (GR)

Cunter (GR) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names

Dicken (SG)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Dicken

Edit: Sadly, according to a resident, Dicken no longer runs the post office pictured above.

Egg (ZH)

Hilarious Swiss Town Names - Egg

Gross (SZ)

Gross (SZ) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names

Hellberg (ZH)

Copyright Dietrich Michael Weidmann

Hellsau (BE)

Hellsau Switzerland - Hilarious Swiss Town Names
Copyright Dietrich Michael Weidmann

Les Arses (FR)

Les Arses Town Sign
Copyright Malcolm Coghill/Flickr

Moron (BE)

Moron (BE) - Hilarious Swiss Town Names

Wankdorf (BE)

Bern Wankdorf Train Station Sign

There are tons of other town names with hilarious meanings in the Swiss dialect as well. But due to the extensive explanations of those dialect terms, that's a topic for another post... Speaking of which, have you discovered these additional Swiss town names with hilarious connotations, yet?

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