TEAL Project - Socks on Kickstarter

TEAL Project wants to clean the oceans by producing socks

300 million tons of plastic are produced every year. About 5 percent of it ends up in the world’s oceans. The Zurich based TEAL Project...
Swiss inventions throughout the day

Here are 8 Swiss inventions that are part of everyday life

Switzerland is known for revolutionary inventions and distinctive objects. Aside from the Toblerone, do you know these everyday objects are Swiss inventions?
Corippo in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland

Tiny Corippo to become Switzerland's first scattered hotel

"CORIPPO - POPULATION 12." This welcome sign might as well be posted at the entrance of this tiny hemlet in Switzerland. Tucked away on the lush...
Radio Man - Swiss Yodeling Robot

Radio Man is a Swiss robot that actually yodels

So we fell in love with this quirky robot man from the past. That's because it features some of the finest Swiss engineering - and it yodels...
Microlino Swiss Concept Car

Microlino is a Swiss micro car that will steal your heart

Two Swiss are on the verge of reinventing the car of the future yet again. Microlino is an egg shaped micro car that is fully powered by electricity...
SBB CFF FFS Train WC Toilet Panorama

4 reasons why Switzerland is an innovation nation

A recent report from the European Union has confirmed what those who live in Chocolateland already know: Switzerland is the "most innovative" country in Europe...
Prodibi - Swiss Start-up

Prodibi Brings Hi-Def Pictures to the Web

High definition pictures and the web. An impossible love? You have probably experienced long loading times with high quality pictures displayed on a website...
Gents - Swiss Tonic Water

Gents Tonic Water: Just what your Gin Needs

Tonic water, electric cars and consumer electronics: Let’s connect the dots. All three products exist in markets that have long been established by other brands...
Swiss Touch - SBB Ticket Machine

Finding the Swiss Touch (Sponsored Video)

My computer geek hubby showed me this video of the new Internet Explorer – enhanced for touch screens. This inspired me to capture the Swiss Touch!