Velogemel Snow Bike

Velogemel - A Traditional Swiss Snow Bike

Just think about it: Don’t the Swiss have a knack for inventing cool gadgets? Among others, they have churned out Swatch watches, the zipper or even velcro...

SIGG - Switzerland's Bottle

What do Airbus, Nespresso and Apple computers have in common? They all use aluminum. Looking at how this metal is so ubiquitously used today, one probably finds it hard to believe that it used to be worth more than gold...
Swiss horse e-carriage in Avenches, Vadois

Swiss Garbage Carriage from the Future

The Swiss town of Avenches strongly believes in the merits of horse power and has launched an innovative "e-carriage" prototype...

Swiss Engineering Allows You to Run on Clouds

On is not a new Swiss car, but it is a way of mobility. On is the only Swiss running shoe and proudly features the tag engineered in Switzerland on every shoe...

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Inventions You Didn't Know Are Swiss: Velcro

George de Mestral was a Swiss engineer and amateur mountaineer…

Inventions You Didn't Know Are Swiss: The Zipper

Apart from cellophane, the invention of the zipper is a nice…

Swiss Daredevil Likes to Fly Outside the Box!

What sounds like the name of an action figure kind of is: Jet…

8 Ingenious Delivery Services in Zurich

One of the benefits of Zurich is the small downtown.For one,…