Doodle Zürich Headquarters

We've met the people behind the Doodle scheduling tool

Have you ever tried to coordinate a group meeting? If you have banged your head off walls in frustration, you probably haven't discovered Doodle, the Swiss...
EcoChair Basel Upcycled Chairs

We like ecoChair, an upcycling start-up in Basel

From forestry conservation to creating an easier way for people to buy quality second hand furniture. Meet Kate Bottriell, the founder of ecoChair...
Muse Lin - Aquspi Creation

Muse Lin on what it's like to be a maker in Switzerland

Upon arriving in Basel, Muse wanted to find just the right idea for a Swiss souvenir that would catch on. Today, she is the proud owner of...

How to break into acting with a Swiss German accent, according to Christian Schäfer

This is the story of someone who hit the RESET button and moved abroad, just to pursue a dream. Christian Martin Schäfer is a Swiss born actor...

Khurum Khan took his drone to Switzerland, and here's the result

When I first encountered Khurum Khan's photographs from Switzerland, I knew there was something special about the man who pressed that shutter...
Anina Mutter - Sustainable Style Warrior

We talked to Anina Mutter, the original sustainable style warrior

To say Anina Mutter is a multifaceted woman would be an understatement. As a self proclaimed sustainable style warrior...

44 Minutes with James Breiding, author of “Swiss Made”

If you want to know the secret behind Switzerland’s success, you might just find it in a book entitled "Swiss Made." Author James Breiding highlights...
Nico Schaerer - Matterhorn

44 Minutes with Swiss Photographer Nico Schaerer

Nico Schaerer is a Zürich based photographer who has traveled the world. He has defined a unique approach to the beautiful art of photography...
Gruyères, Switzerland, by Andrea Monica Hug

This first-time visitor to Gruyères captured the most stunning photographs

I have followed Andrea Monica Hug ever since our interview. Recently, this talented young photographer took her camera to the charming town of Gruyères...