Ursula Andress - Dr. No (1962)

12 facts about Ursula Andress, the Swiss "Bond Girl"

For the filming of the first James Bond movie, a girl from Ostermundigen near Bern happened to be at the right place at the right time: Ursula Andress...
A Dangerous Method Switzerland

More Blockbuster Movies Filmed in Switzerland

When bad guys funnel large sums of money, Switzerland is usually at the center of action. Only in Hollywood movies, that is...
Schilthorn - Bond World 007

Become a Super Agent at Bond World 007 on Mt. Schilthorn

One hour and three gondolas is all it takes to reach the magnificent Schilthorn. High above the Lauterbrunnen valley with its famous waterfalls, Schilthorn provides...
The Informant Matt Damon Zurich

Mt. Schilthorn - In the Footsteps of James Bond

Back in the late 1960's, building a revolving restaurant on top…
The Informant Matt Damon Zurich

5 Blockbuster Movies Filmed in Switzerland

Contrary to popular belief, the hills are not alive in Switzerland. What is alive is this fine selection of Hollywood blockbusters which were partly filmed in Switzerland...

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James Bond and Switzerland

James Bond und die Schweiz (Book)

In a nutshell: James Bond is half Swiss. This is my conclusion after reading "James Bond und die Schweiz", a fascination collection of anecdotes...