Swiss Work Permit C - Ausländerausweis C

Finally Getting a C - My Path to a Swiss Work Permit

For once in my life, getting a C felt better than getting a B. I am talking about work permit in Switzerland, of course...
Eternal Light in Naefels Church, Switzerland

Court Releases Man from 655-year Church Debt

The cantonal court of Glarus in eastern Switzerland has released a farmer from the obligation, dating back 655 years, to finance an “eternal lamp” in the Roman Catholic church in Näfels village...
Swiss Laws - Two Guinea Pigs

Don't Get Caught Speeding in Switzerland!

(Photograph copyright Kapo Freiburg) In 2010, a then 37 year…

10 things that are (strangely) legal in Switzerland

Given that it is illegal to mow your lawn on Sundays, there are a handful of things in the grey zone that are actually legal in Switzerland.
Swiss Laws - Two Guinea Pigs

Here are 11 Swiss "laws" that are weird and wacky

The Swiss may be a peculiar people when it comes to imposing bureaucracy in order to fix trivial things...