Swiss Work Permit C - Ausländerausweis C

Finally Getting a C - My Path to a Swiss Work Permit

For once in my life, getting a C felt better than getting a B. I am talking about work permit in Switzerland, of course...
Eternal Light in Naefels Church, Switzerland

Court Releases Man from 655-year Church Debt

The cantonal court of Glarus in eastern Switzerland has released a farmer from the obligation, dating back 655 years, to finance an “eternal lamp” in the Roman Catholic church in Näfels village...
Happiest Swiss Cow

Don't Get Caught Speeding in Switzerland!

(Photograph copyright Kapo Freiburg) In 2010, a then 37 year…

10 things that are (strangely) legal in Switzerland

Given that it is illegal to mow your lawn on Sundays, there are a handful of things in the grey zone that are actually legal in Switzerland.
Happiest Swiss Cow

Here are 11 Swiss "laws" that are weird and wacky

The Swiss may be a peculiar people when it comes to imposing bureaucracy in order to fix trivial things...