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10 things that are (strangely) legal in Switzerland

It is no secret that Switzerland has more bureaucrats than milk cows.

Given that it is illegal to mow your lawn on Sundays, there are a handful of things in the grey zone that are actually legal in Switzerland. Here is a random list of things that seem like they might be illegal but are actually legal in Switzerland. Disclaimer: In no shape or form do we endorse or otherwise encourage any of these activities.

Here goes:

Downloading music and films is legal in Switzerland. It's the online sharing of media that's illegal.


Starting a campfire anywhere in public is actually legal.

Camp Fire in Switzerland

It is common to list gender, age or nationality on a resume. In many other countries, there are laws against this.


In Switzerland, prostitution is legal (like in most of Europe).


Also, nudity in public is legal. A few years ago, a story on naked hikers in Appenzell even made it into the New York Times...

Naked Hiking Switzerland

Negotiating a flat tax vs. paying your fair share based on your tax bracket is legal. (At least for wealthy foreigners...)


Not using your turn signal is legal in Switzerland.


Euthanasia, which is the proper term for assisted suicide, is legal in Switzerland. That's not to say that it is not controversial.


Smoking pot in public is tolerated, but selling your home-grown stash is illegal.


And last but not least, wearing swimming trunk "speedos" is legal as well - provided you are Swiss!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you even think these things are bizarre, or do you wish your country would allow any of these activities also? Share in the comments below...

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Dimitri Burkhard

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