Sentiero del Castagno - Ticino Chestnut Hike

Sentiero del Castagno is the iconic chestnut path of Ticino

The air is crisp and the November fog has settled over Switzerland's cities. In the south, the Sentiero del Castagno trail is awaiting chestnut lovers...

We went to the Città del Gusto Gourmet Festival in Lugano

In Italian, they call Lugano in Switzerland's south a "città del gusto." Quite literally, this means city of taste - and there is good reason why Lugano...
Büsingen Phone Booths

What it's like inside Switzerland’s German and Italian enclaves

Switzerland is a land-locked country. And despite the small size of the country, two foreign territories are actually locked inside: A German and Italian...

I've spent 48 hours in sunny Lugano (and you should, too!)

In the south of Ticino lies Lugano, a paradise of a city that blends the best of Switzerland with the best of the Mediterranean world...
Lugano in Spring

Ingredients for a Perfect Spring Day in Lugano

Just mere weeks before the blooming of the magnolia trees, I get to spend a day in Lugano. Julie Arlin is my guide, and she shows me her local favorites...