Montreux Noël Christmas Market

How Montreux rocks the Holiday Season

During a time of year when most Christmas fans head north to markets in Basel, Strasbourg or Nürnberg, we headed south to Montreux.
Farmers Market in Luzern

Luzern's Visit Worthy Farmers' Market

March is here, and although another snowfall is not out of the question, I have spring on my mind...
Bern Artisan Market - Handwerkermarkt

Visiting Bern's Artisan Craft Market

Every first Saturday of the month, there is a special gathering near the Münster Cathedral in Bern. It is an event for all those whose love for art and all things artsy take form in all shapes and sizes...
Greifensee Easter Market

Spring Treasure Hunt at the Easter Market in Greifensee

You will know why the Old Town of Greifensee is called "Städtli" when you walk on cobblestones along its town hall, small flower garden, the goldsmith...
Bern Onion Market

The annual Onion Market in Bern is all about... onions!

Every fourth Monday in November, Bern shall awaken to the sounds and smells of the traditional Onion Market. From the railway station and down the...
Zurich Farmers Markets

Zürich's Farmers Markets Have You Covered

Use our newly compiled guide to find out the specialty of each farmers market, as well as when and where to get your veggie kick in the vicinity of Zürich!