Migros Ice Cream Variety

My Love Affair with the Migros Cult Popsicles

Good things never change. 30 years ago during those hot summer days, I used to sit on top of a freezer at my grandma's house holding a Migros popsicle...
Migros Museum - Iannone

5 Tips for Dorothy Iannone's Retrospective at the Migros Museum of Contemporary Art

Need something to do on a rainy afternoon, why not go look at some art? Dorothy Iannone's exhibit at the Migros Museum in Zürich is...
August 1 Swiss National Day - 1. Augustweggli

9 Unmissable Foods for Swiss National Day

The idea of going on a shopping spree to find unmissable foods for the Swiss National Day festivities started with an Instagram post...
Migros MiniMania

20 Miniature Swiss Products

These days, Migros is giving out a collectible miniature product! We hear that not only kids, but also some adults are (secretly) crazy about them...
Migros Fitnesspark Milandia

How to Escape the Cold at Milandia Spa in Greifensee

On a recent night, soaking up some heat after yet another foggy January day was my main objective. I decided to try out the spa at Milandia, one of several Migros Fitnesspark’s in Switzerland...

My Field Trip to a Swiss Supermarket

Today, we take a trip to the local supermarket. I took pictures of things I thought were different and interesting in two separate stores: Coop & Migros...

10 Examples of Minimalist Swiss Food Packaging

Migros is one of the main grocery chains in Switzerland. In fact, it has been around for so long that some people are self-proclaimed "Migros kids"! So basically, they remember being raised solely on Migros products...

Living it up with Migros Budget

It is no exaggeration that Migros Budget has reached cult status…

How to Have Fun on Mt. Stanserhorn

Another weekend, another "2 for 1" trip courtesy of Migros and…