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10 Clever Swiss Commercials – From Migros to Swissmilk!

In times of Netflix and YouTube, it still pays to turn on the television occasionally. Some truly clever Swiss commercials repeatedly put a smile on our faces.

Switzerland's main brands, such as Coop, Migros, and Lindt, are ahead of the pack. With big budgets and the best agencies money can buy, they know how to pull off convincing commercials that resonate with the Swiss audience.

Despite the rise of digital media and streaming platforms, television commercials remain a powerful tool for companies to reach their target market. This is especially true in Switzerland, where many of the biggest brands invest heavily in creating memorable and effective commercials.

Clever and creative commercials made in Switzerland

One of the reasons why Swiss commercials are so successful is that they often use humor and storytelling to connect with viewers. Many Swiss commercials are clever and creative, capturing audiences' attention and leaving a lasting impression.

For example, Migros, a leading Swiss supermarket chain, has released several commercials that use clever puns and wordplay to promote their products. Similarly, Lindt, the famous Swiss chocolate maker, has created commercials that use heartwarming stories to showcase their chocolate's quality.

Another key factor that makes Swiss commercials successful is that they are tailored to the Swiss market. They often feature Swiss landscapes, traditions, and culture, which makes them relatable to the Swiss audience.

And finally, Swiss commercials often feature familiar Swiss celebrities, such as actors and athletes, to promote their products. This helps to create a sense of familiarity and trust with the viewer. Roger Federer is a prime example, as he has starred in many clever Swiss commercials during his lifetime.

Try these clever Swiss commercials for instant LOL:

👉 Switzerland Tourism

"We do whatever it takes!" Dare we say more? The Swiss do it all when it comes to attracting tourists...

👉 Lindt Chocolate

The famous Roger Federer TSA body scan. Not even the King is getting a break!

👉 Migros

The chicken's name is "Chocolate," and this commercial has turned her into a minor celebrity in Switzerland! To prove the point, Chocolate had a huge following on Facebook.

👉 Swiss Fire Fighters

This was the official awareness campaign for dialing "118" in the case of a fire - Switzerland's equivalent to "911". Pretty cool, huh?


If the F48 HAZZARD backpack comes with bicycle skills, I want one for Christmas!

👉 Swissmilk

Have you ever wondered how the iconic "Lovely" cow spends Swiss National Day?

👉 Migros

Another great "Chocolate" chicken clip tries to make a point about sustainability at the Swiss grocer. Does it prove that the Migros grocery chain has the freshest foods?

👉 Migros

Zermatt vacation on a budget - we love it!

👉 Switzerland Tourism

To prove that Switzerland is about more than mountains, Switzerland Tourism sent an alpine farmer on a city adventure...

👉 Milka

And finally, the epic 1990's commercial featuring an alpine resident, a.k.a. "Cool Man." Who else remembers the commercial "It's Cool Man"?

So, there you have it. Which of these clever Swiss commercials has grabbed your attention? 😍

Clever Swiss Commercials - From Lindt to Migros and Roger Federer

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