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10 Clever Swiss Commercials

In times of Netflix and YouTube, it still pays to turn on the television once in a while. Switzerland's main brands, such as Migros or Lindt, know how to pull off convincing commercials that resonate with the Swiss.

Here are ten clever Swiss commercials that have caught our attention:


Switzerland Tourism - "We do whatever it takes!"

Dare we say more? The Swiss do it all when it comes to attracting tourists...


Lindt - Roger Federer TSA Body Scan

Not even Roger Federer is getting a break!


Migros "Sustainability"

The chicken's name is "Chocolate", and this commercial has turned her into a minor celebrity in Switzerland! To prove the point, Chocolate even has a Facebook page with 50'000 fans!


IKEA "Billy" Shelf Conquering Switzerland

The IKEA "Billy" shelf has been for sale in Switzerland for 30 years. This video by highlights this wonderful success story.

IKEA Billy - 30th Anniversary in Switzerland from Newly Swissed on Vimeo.


Swiss Fire Fighter Rap

This is an official awareness campaign for dialing "118" in the case of a fire - Switzerland's equivalent to "911". Pretty cool, huh?



If it comes with bicycle skills like this dude's, I want one of these bags for Xmas!


Migros - "Freshness"

Another "Chocolate" favorite, trying to prove the point that the Migros grocery chain has the freshest foods.


HUG - Cookie Dance

These lab coats have got the moves!


Migros - "Living on a Budget"

This selection of creative spots for Migros' store-brand is actually an extension of what we have earlier covered in Living it up with Migros Budget!


Milka - It's Cool Man

And finally, the epic 1990's commercial featuring an alpine resident, a.k.a. "Cool Man". Who else remembers this one?


So, which of these commercials has grabbed your attention?

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard


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