Cheese In Sound Project Switzerland

Can hip-hop music make cheese tastier? Yes, says science!

From Mozart to Led Zeppelin: it turns out that cheese wheels have their own preference when it comes to music! This revelation could change...
Swiss Music Mixtape

This Swiss music has defined entire generations - take a listen!

Switzerland is not exactly known as a music factory. But Swiss music defines entire generations, so turn up the speakers and take a listen!
Galotti Musiklab & KlubGalotti Musiklab & Klub

Have you heard of the GALOTTI Musiklab & Klub in Zürich?

GALOTTI is a meeting point for musicians and friends of music. It's a lab, a stage, a classroom and a bar. Those who want to make music or learn to...
Festival da Jazz - Muottas Muragl

4 reasons to put the Festival da Jazz on your schedule

The first things that comes to mind when hearing St. Moritz are high society events and expensive hotels. But the hidden gem is the Festival da Jazz...
Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

Why I am feeling all good vibes at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Whoever maintains a critique of Switzerland as a conventional closed community has never met the organizers of the 51st Montreux Jazz Festival...
Montreux Jazz Festival 2017

7 Swiss Bands to watch out for in 2017

The new year is set to bring some fresh wind into the Swiss music scene. From reggae to rock, these Swiss bands have what it takes to make it big in 2017...