Brienz in Switzerland

9 beautiful Swiss towns to see in your lifetime

Hidden courtyards, gardens with manicured flower beds and confectioneries selling Swiss pastries to write home about. Here are 9 Swiss towns for your bucket...
Cafe good in Rapperswil

Feeling all Danish at Café Good in Rapperswil

Are you familiar with the Danish word hygge? It has many meanings and it is no easy task to translate it. At Café Good in Rapperswil...
Rapperswil - City of Roses in Switzerland

Rapperswil is Switzerland's City of Roses

Ever since my childhood, Rapperswil has found ways to capture my attention. Back then, it was those fun visits to the kids' zoo or adventurous climbs...
Seenachtsfest Rapperswil

4 reasons to visit Seenachtsfest in Rapperswil

Once every four years, the city commonly known as the "Rose Capital" opens up to pedestrians by closing off all car traffic...
Knie's Kinderzoo in Rapperswil

What it's like to visit Knies Kinderzoo in Rapperswil

For many locals, the name “Knie” evokes memories of visits to the circus and trips to the children’s zoo...
Bizarre Swiss Festivals

Bizarre Festivals of Switzerland

There is no doubt that these festivals pass as completely normal for 99% of Swiss. However, they may seem totally bizarre to you...