Maki Haus Japanese Restaurant Zurich

Japanese Restaurants in Zürich: The ultimate foodie guide

Whether you are after high-end Japanese cuisine, a bowl of ramen or an icy mug of Kirin beer: here's the ultimate list of Japanese restaurants in Zürich...
Co Chin Chin Vietnamese Restaurant Zurich

Vietnamese Restaurants in Zürich: The ultimate foodie guide

Craving for Vietnamese phở in Zurich? Up there with raclette shacks and upscale restaurants, there are many excellent Vietnamese restaurants in Zurich...
Circolo Sociale Montagnola

5 typical "grotto" restaurants not to miss in Ticino

Summer bliss in Ticino involves food, and the best food can be found in a typical grotto. Here are my favorite Ticino style restaurants...
Restaurant Zum Kuss Basel (by GlogeSession)

5 Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Basel

Here is a hot list of breakfast and brunch restaurants in Basel, shared by our friends who know this city the best...
Restaurant Saltz at The Dolder Grand

At the Dolder's Restaurant Saltz, the "T" stands for Taste

I am going to tell you about that time when one restaurant ruined going to restaurants. It even had a typo in its name. Thank you, Restaurant Saltz...
Restaurant Bonbec Bern

Five great restaurants for vegan food in Bern

Bern’s culinary landscape embraces those who refrain from eating animal products. Let me take you on a tour of my favorite places for vegan food in Bern...
Working in a Swiss Bar

13 things I noticed while working in a Swiss bar

It was a cultural crash course: I used to hustle a Swiss bar in a small mountain village in the Bernese Oberland. Not knowing some of the strange customs...
Restaurant eCHo Zurich

Uniquely Swiss Dining at Restaurant eCHo in Zürich

Swissness is echoing throughout the menu at Restaurant eCHo. The heaviest member of the team is Gretli, a cow that delivers all the milk...
Nespresso Gourmet Weeks - Restaurant Sonnenberg - Dessert

Nespresso Gourmet Weeks at Restaurant Sonnenberg

Caramelito, Vanilio and Fortissio Lungo. What sound like names from a Giuseppe Verdi opera are types of grand crus coffees from Nespresso Gourmet Weeks...