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The Peak - Matterhorn Time-Lapse Video

The Peak

This time-lapse video beautifully shows the kind of fascination which radiates from the Matterhorn. Swiss photographer/videographer Christian Mülhauser has captured "The Peak" between August and October 2012...

Starbucks on Rails

It is no secret that the Swiss love coffee. And with some 5’000 km of rails, Switzerland has one of the most dense public transportation systems in the world. Hence, the collaboration among the Starbucks coffee chain...

Jolanda Braendle - Swiss Paper Cutout Silhouette Olma

Amazing Swiss Paper Cutouts

A good eyesight, steady hands for scissors and a whole lot of persistence are just some of the traits needed to create Swiss paper silhouettes. However, common sense would dictate that adding nine active children...

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