Bern Loebegge

Bern's Loebegge - More than just a Street Corner

Every city has one: An iconic spot full of history, legends and memories. When it comes to Bern, ask any local and they will point at Loebegge (the corner of the Loeb department store)...
Swiss Whisky Overview

A Primer on Swiss Whisky

Think of Switzerland, and you surely don’t think of whisky. But like so many other things, just because the Swiss did not invent it doesn't mean...
Ribizli sweetertainment - Alexandra and Timi

Learning to Bake and Decorate Cakes in Zürich

I first came across Ribizli sweetertainment when doing research for our 2012 Gift Guide. The name sounded very catchy, so the amateur baker inside of me wanted to find out what this Zürich based start-up is all about...
The Peak - Matterhorn Time-Lapse Video

The Peak

This time-lapse video beautifully shows the kind of fascination which radiates from the Matterhorn. Swiss photographer/videographer Christian Mülhauser has captured "The Peak" between August and October 2012...
New York City vs Bern by Christoph Simon - Breakfast

New York City vs. Bern, Switzerland

Christoph Simon is an award winning Swiss author with a big heart for New York City and Bern, Switzerland. His cartoon drawings put a big smile on my face…

Starbucks on Rails

It is no secret that the Swiss love coffee. And with some 5’000 km of rails, Switzerland has one of the most dense public transportation systems in the world. Hence, the collaboration among the Starbucks coffee chain and SBB seems like a match made in heaven...
The Swiss by Andreas Herzau

I Spy Something Beginning with "S"

The German photographer Andreas Herzau was born in 1962, the year that “The Germans”, a collection of images by Swiss photographer René Burri, was published. Fifty years later, Herzau hit the road in search of “The Swiss”...
Jolanda Braendle - Swiss Paper Cutout Silhouette Olma

Amazing Swiss Paper Cutouts

A good eyesight, steady hands for scissors and a whole lot of persistence are just some of the traits needed to create Swiss paper silhouettes. However, common sense would dictate that adding nine active children renders any of these skills useless…
Bartek Elsner - International Radio Festival

Eye-Catching Boombox in Zürich

Promotions that “stick” often play off of opposites. What we tend to remember are smart wordplays or uncommon analogies...