Switzerland Forest Canopy Walkway

Why Switzerland’s first treetop walkway is Instagram worthy

Different regions are seeking to capitalize on the flood of tourists and Instagramers itching to be one of the first to a new attraction. The treetop walkway...
Advent in St. Gallen City of Stars

Advent in St. Gallen: 700 stars and culinary highlights

It's this time of the year when days get shorter. Perfect to hop on a train and enjoy advent in St. Gallen! The city of 700 stars awaits you with...
Olma Fair - Cattle Show

Inside the Olma Agricultural Fair in St. Gallen

The Olma fair in St. Gallen is a highlight in many people's (farmer) calendar. The event usually takes place during ten days in October. Sure, you have...
House of Friction St. Gallen - Copyright by Kecko (Flickr)

Visiting the "House of Friction" Exhibit in St. Gallen

Swiss artist Christoph Büchel is known for creating rather challenging exhibits which require a good physical condition to manoeuvre...
stadtlounge in St. Gallen, Switzerland

3 reasons to visit the stadtlounge in St. Gallen

When you think of Swiss cities worth visiting, St. Gallen does not necessarily leap off the map. But a trip to the stadtlounge will convince you...
Rosie (2013) Film Review

Rosie - A Worthy Piece of New Swiss Cinema (Review)

Lorenz Meran (40), a successful gay author suffering from acute writers' block, has to leave Berlin and return to eastern Switzerland to provide care for his aged mother, Rosie. When he finds himself confronted with...


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Radisson Blu Hotel and Casino St. Gallen

The Radisson Blu Hotel in St. Gallen (Sponsored)

St. Gallen is often called the culture capital of Switzerland. There is truth to this and it is worth spending a weekend (or two). The Radisson Blu Hotel...