Swiss License Plate - ZH 1000

21 fresh and intriguing facts about Switzerland

Our statistics show that blog posts listing interesting facts about Switzerland are among the most popular. From geography to airline sickness bags...
Mr and Mrs Switzerland - Interesting Stats about the Swiss

35 interesting statistics about the Swiss

According to our romantic beliefs, the average Swiss is either a Heidi or a Peter type. Statistics paint a slightly different picture...
Gottardo 2016 - Rail Tunnel

15 mind-blowing figures about the Gotthard Base Tunnel

The deepest point of the Gotthard Base Tunnel is 2.3 km below the Alps - that's 1.5 times the depth of the Grand Canyon...
ZuricZurich vs New York City - Liberty vs. Dock Crane

Zürich Meets New York City - 8 Fascinating Statistics

When Zürich meets New York, it is a gathering of epic proportions. We have researched some prominent features of each city...
Switzerland - Introducing 100 Residents

Switzerland under a snow globe (13 interesting statistics)

What is we shrank Switzerland to a mere 100 residents, fit them in a snowglobe, and ran some statistics on them now? This approach...
Counting the Cows of Switzerland

Counting the Cows of Switzerland

Which Swiss canton has the most cows? Or maybe you’ve wondered if any canton has more cows than people?
Air Force One - Lantal

More Facts You Didn't Know About Switzerland

Many of our most loyal readers have almost reached expert level in Swiss trivia thanks to these 13 interesting facts. In order to get you all...
Gornetgrat Glacier, Zermatt. Switzerland

10 Statistics About Switzerland You Should Know

German speaking people love statistics. With 63.7% of the Swiss population speaking German, there is always a flurry of numbers to be read in newspapers, heard on the radio or seen on television. I thought it would be interesting to post a few lesser known numbers, so here are 10 more interesting Swiss statistics...
Gornetgrat Glacier, Zermatt. Switzerland

Switzerland Loves Facebook

As of November 2010, there are 2.4 million active Facebook users in Switzerland. This number sounds small compared to the 500 million users worldwide, but it is quite significant in terms of the size of Switzerland...