Swiss Quirks

Here are 17 common quirks that make the Swiss so unique

If you've been around Switzerland, you may have noticed that it's a special place to live. But like any other country, Switzerland has its perks and quirks.

More myths about Switzerland - debunked!

When you live in Switzerland, you will often encounter various myths about this country. Some of these claims might startle you or make you scratch your head...
Pontificial Swiss Guards Swearing-in Ceremony 2005

17 more or less random facts about Switzerland

How can a country without an official capital function? Is it thanks to all those Nobel Prize winners among us? Here are 17 facts...
Wool Selection in Switzerland

18 things that the Swiss take for granted

Switzerland has a top-notch transportation system, an immaculate nature and a social welfare system. I've observed that many Swiss take these for granted...
Bernina Pass Lake

17 interesting facts about Switzerland's lakes and mountains

Switzerland was pretty flat a few million years ago. This was until the plates started moving and the Alps took shape. These facts about Switzerland...
Horse Butcher "Pferdemetzg" in Uster

11 Quite Shocking Facts about Switzerland

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but not everything about Switzerland is rainbows and unicorns. Here are some shocking facts about Switzerland...
Swiss Guards Vatican

13 facts about the Swiss guards you probably did not know

The Swiss guards have a long history in the Vatican. Tourists and pilgrims who flock to Rome see them and wonder: Who are the world's most colorful guards?
Pontificial Swiss Guards Swearing-in Ceremony 2005

The Swiss Guards of the Vatican are sworn in every May 6

In 2016, the Pontifical Swiss Guards celebrated 510 years of loyal service to the Pope. Every May 6, new recruits are sworn into service in the Vatican...

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77 Facts about Switzerland e-Book

The Switzerland insider e-book that you need to read today

Did you know that Velcro and LSD were invented in Switzerland? Thought so. Our latest e-book is jam-packed with 77 facts about Switzerland...