Lausanne Switzerland

Up and down in Lausanne - My impressions of this vertical city

I guess walking up and down and up and down is to be expected in Switzerland, but Lausanne is not even in the Alps! And yet, it seems you are...
stadtlounge in St. Gallen, Switzerland

3 reasons to visit the stadtlounge in St. Gallen

When you think of Swiss cities worth visiting, St. Gallen does not necessarily leap off the map. But a trip to the stadtlounge will convince you...
Zermatt - Rustic Cottages

Here are 7 good reasons to love Zermatt, Switzerland

Zermatt has more to offer than an iconic mountain top (= Matterhorn). This Alpine valley features lots of hiking trails with scenic vistas...
Bubikon - Swiss Town

Bright as Nyon Light - Unmissable Things to Do

If you’re an expat in Switzerland and you love documentaries, Tintin, music and ice-cream, you should plan a visit to the pretty lakeside town of Nyon – located in Canton Vaud and only 25 km north-east of Geneva. Known throughout the Suisse romande as the “City of Festivals”...
What to see in Switzerland

What to see on a 5-day trip to Switzerland

Switzerland is undoubtedly the most beautiful place that I have ever visited! Here are some tips on what to see on a 5 day trip to Switzerland...
Interlaken, Switzerland

How to get the most out of Interlaken, Switzerland

You may have heard people say that the town of Interlaken is not very spectacular. Not true! Its old town is super charming, and Interlaken's USP...
Bubikon - Swiss Town

Davos - Where Dollars and Bills Hang Out

There has been a lot of flight traffic in the skies of Switzerland lately. At first, I thought there was a jailbreak and the cops are looking for the robbers. Then, I remembered that I am in Switzerland and that it is World Economic Forum season.
Reasons to Visit Grindelwald

7 compelling reasons to visit Grindelwald

We know a quaint village tucked in a valley below the majestic peaks of the Bernese Alps: Here are seven reasons why you should visit Grindelwald...
Bubikon - Swiss Town

10 hilarious Swiss town names with funny connotations

We're back from our mission to collect the funniest, most hilarious town names of Switzerland! Clarification: The tour was virtual, involving a keyboard...