Sechseläuten Zürich by Cloudia Chen

Zürich's Sechseläuten through the lens of a professional photographer

Access to front row views of Zürich's spring festival - that's one of the perks of being a photographer for the Zürich tourism office. At the Sechseläuten...
Rütlischiessen - Jakob Christen

8 unique traditions you'll not find outside of Switzerland

While the Swiss are proud of their export wonders, some might argue that they prefer keeping the best traditions to themselves. Here are eight unique...

These Swiss Christmas traditions surprised me

I grew up in a religious home with the original story of Christmas. When I moved halfway across the world, I realized that Swiss Christmas traditions are...
Frutigen Scything Competition - Switzerland

Swiss Farm Olympics Revealed: Scything

The purpose of the scything competition is to keep traditional farming methods alive. Scything used to be a traditional way of clearing long grass, herbs and weeds...
St. Nicholas Tradition in Wil, Switzerland

How the Swiss St. Nicholas tradition works

While we have already covered one Swiss Samichlaus tradition, we would like to introduce you to a more historical way of celebrating Saint Nicholas...

Why Gotti and Götti is a typical Swiss tradition

When my friend broke the news that she is expecting triplets, she suddenly had another pretty difficult choice to make: Who should be the Gotti and Götti...
Swiss Bread Chart

Is Switzerland the ultimate land of bread?!

When the Swiss move overseas or even just visit English speaking countries, there is one thing that almost every one of them will complain about: The bread...
Newly Swissed Easter Greetings 2012

Newly Swissed Easter Greetings

Easter is so special for Swiss kids. Their parents are off from work, the kindergarten teachers have decorated the walls, flowers are blooming, and most of all: Colorful chocolate eggs and bunnies are back in the stores...

Impressions from the Zürich Carnival Parade 2012

Some parts of Switzerland actually have five seasons, with carnival…