One Incredibly Versatile Swiss Concept Car

Swiss automotive designer Rinspeed is going to present the sophisticated “Dock+Go” mobility concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Its electric car with modular packs features three axles, but only if you need them…
Swiss Toeffli Moped in the Countryside

Born to be Wild with the Swiss Motorcycle Toeffli

In order to get from Point A to Point B, many Swiss living in the countryside ride their Toeffli bikes. Although they are getting less, these light motorcycles are the perfect way to check on your cows...

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Truck?!?

It looks like a scene straight out of a James Bond movie: A 48 ton excavator truck flying 2000 m above sea level! However, it is just daily business for the Swiss...
Guillaume Reymond - Transformers in Vevey

5 Road Related Oddities from Switzerland

Maybe you need a conversation starter for this Friday's happy…

Hop onboard these memorable train lines in Switzerland

Did you know that a train line in Switzerland is solely specialized for chocolate lovers? Here are some more memorable lines that show the panoramic beauty...

Would you Write a Bike?

While it sounds like something Dr. Seuss would say, Write a Bike is actually an artistic concept by Swiss designer Juri Zaech. Let’s hope that Juri finds a way to actually produce these concept bikes, because I would buy one for a special person in my life!

The Guy Who Invented German

We are very happy to introduce our Spanish friend Sylvia who…

5 Swiss Zero-Emission Vehicles from the Future

Memories from my childhood in Switzerland include the attention-grabbing, original TWIKE electric car. Always having been fascinated by the concept of plug-in cars, here is your opportunity to have a peek at the latest models which might be whizzing by you in the near future...
Smart Monster Truck

8 Creative Smart Car Modifications

Often discounted as Cozy Coupes with horsepower, thousands of tiny Smart cars are whizzing about on Swiss roads! They would simply not fit a 24-pack of toilet paper, unless the Smart had undergone one of these cool modifications which would probably make inventor and late Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek turn in his grave...