Tour of Switzerland - Vintage Posters

A Tour of Switzerland in Vintage Tourism Posters

From snow-drenched slopes to glistening lakes and bustling cities, Switzerland is packed with opportunities for tourists. These vintage posters...
Vintage Swiss Packaging Design by Coop

Amazing Swiss Vintage Packaging from Coop

Retro design is definitely making a comeback. So when I spotted some vintage packaging on the shelf of my nearest Coop, I thought that...
Swiss Junk Yard in Kaufdorf

There used to be a junk yard with vintage cars near Bern

There is a car for every two Swiss. Up until 2009, Kaufdorf in the canton of Bern used to push that average up by much because of their vintage junk yard...
Rivista Lugano - Vintage Ticino Magazine

1930's Vintage Magazine from Ticino

Being a fanatic of vintage design, typography and printed goods, I got hooked the minute I spotted this vintage magazine at a supermarket stand...
Swallow-d Vintage Retro Gadgets Gifts Fabrics Shop Kreis 4 Zürich

Traveling Back in Time at Swallow-d in Zürich

We were recently warped back in time when we entered Swallow-d in Zürich’s Kreis 4. The interior of this retro shop is an entirely different world...
Boston Public Library

Vintage Swiss Travel Pamphlets - Locarno/Ascona

I have a knack for vintage postcards, stamps and brochures. So over the next few weeks, I will be presenting you with a number of vintage Swiss travel pamphlets from my personal collection...
Boston Public Library

Vintage photographs of Switzerland during the 1940's

At the brink of World War II, a series of photographs of Switzerland was archived in an album. It's a journey back in time to Switzerland in the 1940's.