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Vintage photographs of Switzerland during the 1940’s

At the brink of World War II, a series of photographs of Switzerland was neatly archived in an album.

There is no way of knowing the person who left behind this treasure. But the Boston Public Library has gotten a hold of it and has made the photographs available to the public.

Take a moment to study these glimpses of Switzerland as it looked like some 80 years ago. Most of these archived photographs are not dated, but they appear to have been taken in the late 1930's and 1940's. Please note that all scans are courtesy and copyright Boston Public Library.

Here is Lucerne in central Switzerland with Mount Rigi in the background:

Lucerne, Switzerland, in the 1940's

How about this stunning panorama of Mount Rigi?

Panorama of Mount Rigi

This chalet at Treib on Lake Lucerne might still exist today:

Chalet on Lake Lucerne at Treib

Then here's a stunning photograph of a steamer on Lake Lucerne with Mount Pilatus in the background:

Lake Lucerne with Mount Pilatus in the 1940's

Today, we call it historic. But back in the 1940's, this chalet in Interlaken was someone's private residence:

Chalet in Interlaken in the 1940's

That Jungfrau as seen from Interlaken, though:

Jungfrau in Interlaken in 1940

The majestic waterfalls at the Lauterbrunnen Valley:

Lauterbrunnen Valley during 1940's

Here is a milkman on his delivery route somewhere in the French speaking part of Switzerland:

Swiss Milkman Historic Photograph 1940

Montreux with the Dents du Midi:

Montreux in 1940s

Here is Schaffhausen as seen from the River Rhine:

Schaffhausen Bridge in 1940

And the majestic Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen:

Schaffhausen Rhine Falls in 1940

Finally, a 1948 photographs of Zürich:

Zürich Switzerland in 1948

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Dimitri Burkhard

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