Lausanne Switzerland

Up and down in Lausanne - My impressions of this vertical city

I guess walking up and down and up and down is to be expected in Switzerland, but Lausanne is not even in the Alps! And yet, it seems you are...
Rhaetische Bahn Moonlight Trainride

5 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day in Switzerland

"Surpise me!" she might say, striking fear into even the most adoring or brave of men's hearts. And even when a man loves a woman, he doesn't always know... - Swiss e-Wine Revolution - Revolutionary Swiss Wine Subscription

Wine is hard to understand: There are too many choices, and wine is for snobs., a Swiss wine subscription, is leading a revolution to bring wine to the masses...
Uncorked Zurich

Uncorked - Zurich Wine Tasting (and Teleportation)

A Zurich based entrepreneur couple believes that most of us possess a teleportation and time machine in our homes! Welcome "Uncorked Wine Appreciation"...
Riesling Week 2013

Riesling Week is Coming to Switzerland

Satirist Viktor Giacobbo’s mockumentary Der Grosse Kanton is now playing across German speaking Switzerland. The film asks prominent politicians...

Unique Wine Tasting Experience at expovina 2012

If you are going to be in Zürich the first two weeks of November, stop by Bürkliplatz and check out expovina on the 12 boats lined up at the deck…

Notes on Swiss Wine - Château Maison Blanche, Yvorne

As the morning sun started tenderly caressing the summer green vineyards of Yvorne, I visited its formidable White House – Chateau Maison Blanche. I had to interrupt its vineyard manager, Mr. Jean-Daniel Suardet, from...
Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas 2012

Notes on Swiss Wine - Mondial du Chasselas

As we walked into the 12th century Chateau d'Aigle with the official tasting glass in the hand, the winners of 625 wine entries were just being announced...
Lavaux Wine Hike in Switzerland

Swiss wine: everything you need to know (incl. how to toast)

Few are aware of another product of sublime quality and breathtakingly good taste. A product which almost every Swiss seems to hold dear: Swiss wine.