Speakers Worth Watching at TEDxZurich 2014

TEDxZurich 2013Has it been five years since the first TEDxZurich conference? This staple event at Zürich's TV studios has become synonymous with inspiring talks, memorable acts and live music. In short: Ideas worth spreading!

For me, the common thread among speakers has usually been innovation and technology, with a spin of storytelling. With no particular theme, I have always left energized and motivated to make small changes. Now for the first time, TEDxZurich has announced an official theme: "Stop. Start!"

In the words of the organizers:

With this theme, we want to inspire the TEDxZurich community to stop waiting and start doing, to stop doubting and start believing, to stop wasting and start saving or to simply start listening to the exciting ideas and perspectives of others!


TEDxZurich 2013Highlighting people who have had the vision to fill those proverbial gaps, this year's TEDxZurich is going to touch on artificial intelligence, crime investigation, ant colony behavior and cows. Yes, cows! We are in Switzerland, after all...


Danielle Mersch - Biologist

To the bare eye, an ant colony is about as complex a system as it gets. This did not stop Danielle Mersch from tracking the individual behavior of each ant in a colony. This biologist is truly on a quest to decipher the complexities of life.

I am looking forward to finding out how she can relate her findings to human society.

TEDxZurich - Danielle Mersch

Roland Buss - Criminal Investigator

Drawing from decades of experience investigating crime, Roland Buss will draw parallels to organizational culture. His 360-degree approach to crime scene investigations is based on the core principles of "searching, investigating, questioning".

Some good reasons to do sports

Could this approach be applicable to successful business leaders?

TEDxZurich - Roland Buss

Sergei Lupashin - Inventor

As the founder of the ingenious Fotokite flying camera, Sergei Lupashin will be presenting his latest invention. His flying camera has been called a "friendly aircraft on a leash" and was devised for any number of real-world applications, such as for fire fighters trying to gain perspective on a burning building.

I am curious to hear about the future of drones, their impact on privacy, and what Sergei has up his sleeves next...

TEDxZurich - Sergei LupashinStop. Start!

(Portrait and audience photographs copyright by TEDxZurich)

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