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The Latest Chocolate Innovations from Switzerland

How come Zürich never had a chocolate exhibit like the Salon du Chocolat before? This simple question hunted me the entire night at the opening event.

Salon du Chocolat Opening Night, Zurich 2012

As I wandered among the melting chocolate flavors and finger-licking samples from no less than 33 booths, I had to admit that my French was too limited to go past small talk with the chocolatiers. I felt like the language barrier prevented me from getting more free tastings...

In fact, many participating chocolatiers were from the French speaking part of Switzerland, and most of them would switch to German, but not English.

Salon du Chocolat Zurich

It was a Newly Swissed moment for me that I could not escape from my limited German by simply asking “Können Sie Englisch?”, knowing that most Züricher would shyly start talking in perfect English. I have (arrogantly) taken it for granted over the last two years living in the Northeast of Switzerland...

So I wish that I was at the Salon du Chocolat with French speaking friends in order to dive into the chocolate business much deeper. Even a French phrase book would have enriched my experience. Nonetheless, every little piece of chocolate appealed and tasted amazingly, and the guests were having their happy chocolate moments as well!

Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

I loved the metallic-chocolate-rainbow pralinés of Thomas Müller Chocolatier. Now I must visit Sihlcity to try more of Mr. Müller’s original and natural creations!

Salon du Chocolat - Thomas Müller Chocolatier

Salon du Chocolat - Chocolat de São Tomé & Principe

On the other end of the show floor, I found the freshest cacao beans to have ever been imported to Switzerland! Supporting local farmers in Sào Tomé and Principe, this sustainable chocolate project stood out among other exhibitors. Its dark chocolate (70%) is a real knock-out!

Salon du Chocolat - Chocolat de São Tomé & Principe

Salon du Chocolat - Miyuko

Among fruity or spicy flavors, Miyuko’s matcha truffle was outstanding! The authentic Japanese tea culture has been condensed in a thumb size white chocolate ball with thin, green stripes.

Sara Hochuli’s luscious creations can be found at Les Gourmandises de Miyuko in Zürich.

Salon du Chocolat - Miyuko

At the end of the party, I had a blast at Maison Cailler’s unique chocolate personality reading machine - with English instructions (and English speaking hosts)! It turned out that Dimitri and I have different chocolate personalities!

Salon du Chocolat - Maison Cailler

We ended up buying two separate sets of praline boxes, one free box with delicious Easter bunny pralinés, and a sample box for a friend to find their own chocolate personality. Funny enough, I did not like his box (or his fruity taste preferences), while he was very interested in trying out my box.

We are still debating to whom we should send the sample box (or to eat it?)...


Mamiko truly loves to discover Switzerland through the Newly Swissed "frame" with her Japanese eyes for details and a spark of American curiosity. She wants to connect Newly Swissed with businesses and organizations in Switzerland and expand the network.


  • Awesome post! I was visiting in Zurich last weekend… I regret just missing the Salon du Chocolat! You can always send the sample box to me if you have no other takers… :)

  • It was fun sitting across from you at the Cailler table, what a fun exhibit. I think I’m still detoxing from all the chocolate I sampled that evening ;-) I agree that the brightly colored chocolate shells were beautiful! Glad to hear they have them at Sihlcity! Cheers, Stacy

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