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8 creative Smart car modifications from across the world

Often discounted as Cozy Coupes with horsepower, thousands of tiny Smart cars are whizzing about on Swiss roads!

Personally, I would not consider a Smart because I do like to stock up when toilet paper is on sale in packs of 24. The last time I checked, a Smart car does not fit this amount of toilet paper. This is unless a creative modification turns it into a monster truck...

Here are some creative Smart car modifications that would make the late inventor Nicolas Hayek turn in his grave:

Right off the bat: a Smart monster truck!

Smart Car Monster Truck

What's not to love about this Smart car Starbug? 😍

Smart Car Starbug

A Smart stretch limousine...

Smart Car Stretch Limousine

This Smart car Batmobile has style! 🦇

Smart Car Batmobile

Someone in Germany has a Smart tank.

Smart Car Tank Modification

This Smart car has been wrapped in a knit outfit.

Knitted Smart Car Senior Design Factory

A Lindt Easter Bunny Smart car!

Lindt Bunny Smart Car
Copyright _raina_/Flickr

Here are two Smart cars getting married. 💋🎩

Smart Car Wedding

And watch out: in Zürich, you might get pulled over by the Smart car police!

Smart Car Police in Zürich, Switzerland

About the 2019 model year Smart by Daimler AG

The Smart car from Daimler AG, which also manufactures Mercedes Benz vehicles, is a compact and stylish vehicle that offers both fuel economy and performance. This car is ideal for city driving due to its cutting-edge technology and sleek design. The vehicle has a turbocharged engine that provides a smooth and responsive ride, and its small size makes it easy to maneuver through city streets. Who wouldn't love great fuel economy and quality materials influenced by Mercedes Benz, all in a small package?

Which of these is your favorite Smart car modification?

Dimitri Burkhard

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Dimitri Burkhard

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