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Venus & Furs by Yann Gross

Swiss photographer Yann Gross is the man behind the camera for this eclectic series. He was commissioned to capture the finalist designers of the 27th International Festival of Fashion & Photography: Juliette Alleaume and Marie Vial,
 Mads Dinesen, Michael Kampe, Maryam Kordbacheh, Oriane Leclercq, Janosch Mallwitz, Émilie Meldem, Céline Méteil, Oda Pausma, Léa Peckre.

Venus and Furs - Copyright Yann Gross

Yann Gross' series is set in the canton of Vaud near his childhood home. By placing a number of more unconventional animals in the Swiss countryside (or did you find a cow anywhere?), Gross creates contrasts which I find rather intriguing.

Venus and Furs - Copyright Yann Gross

Venus and Furs - Copyright Yann Gross

Venus and Furs - Copyright Yann Gross(All photographs copyright by Yann Gross)

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