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5 reasons why the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne is so entertaining (Sponsored)

Welcome to Lucerne's top destination, Verkehrshaus!

With a cutting-edge planetarium, an XXL movie theater, and the unique Swiss Chocolate Adventure, no wonder Switzerland's "Home of Mobility" is the country's most visited museum. Regardless of the weather or the season, the Verkehrshaus is a great place for all ages to learn and linger.

The Swiss Museum of Transport is a mirror of the past, but it also highlights the mobility of today and tomorrow. There are dedicated sections for road, rail, water, air, and space travel. And each section comes with a wealth of interactive experiences, from real airplane cockpits to historic trains and a space simulation.

Verkehrshaus Lucerne

You can feel like a pilot - or like a train driver

Among our favorite exhibits are the flight simulators. For instance, inside a true-to-life chopper simulator, you can fly a Eurocopter from Lucerne to the Alps. Or in the fighter jet simulator, you can try your hand at daring loops and rolls...

Various train simulators allow you to experience the perspective of an engine operator. Seated in the realistic driver's cab, you will be able to discover the complexity of the Swiss rail network.

Verkehrshaus Lucerne

The Filmtheatre features Switzerland's largest screen

Find yourself at the heart of the action at the museum's Filmtheatre. The IMAX screen is almost 500 sq m in size, so even the smallest details will jump to life. and you find yourself at the heart of the action. Be it with a breathtaking nature documentary or the live transmission of an opera, you will surely find yourself immersed in a new dimension.

Experience astronomy at the planetarium

Who knew you could travel to faraway stars right here in Lucerne? Regardless of the weather, the planetarium inside the Swiss Museum of Transport uses the latest technology to conjure up an incredible starry sky on the 360-degrees-dome. Experience an unforgettable spacewalk from the comfort of an upholstered seat in Switzerland's largest, cutting-edge planetarium.

Verkehrshaus Lucerne

The Swiss Chocolate Adventure (need we say more?)

How did Switzerland, a country known for its Alps, become equally famous for its chocolate? This is a question that the Swiss Chocolate Adventure at Verkehrshaus seeks to answer. An attraction that is unique in Switzerland, the Swiss Chocolate Adventure offers a 30-minute multimedia journey providing insights into the history, manufacture, and transport of chocolate.

After the journey, you have the chance to visit the Lindt Maître Chocolatier at the chocolate boutique and learn how to create your own self-made chocolate...

Fascinating guided tours and unforgettable events

Whenever possible, we sign up for guided tours when we travel or visit museums. They provide valuable background information and tips that add depth to any visit. At Verkehrshaus, there is a wide range of informative guided tours for groups. They provide insight behind the scenes of the most popular museum in Switzerland.

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