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Who knew Switzerland had 662 Charlie Chaplin lookalikes?

To celebrate their first anniversary, one of Switzerland's most popular museums pulled off quite an amazing stunt. The Chaplin's World Museum sold a limited number of tickets for a special event on April 16, the date marking Charlie Chaplin's birth in 1889.

And guess what? Inspired by the iconic silent film character, 662 lookalikes dressed in traditional "Tramp" fashion showed up in Corsier-sur-Vevey on Easter Sunday! Baggy pants, "melon" hats and walking sticks were all over the place as Charlie Chaplin fans of all ages enjoyed the grounds of the filmmaker's former estate.

Some Charlie Chaplins were younger rather than older...

Chaplins World World Record 2017

Many brought along their best friends...

Chaplins World World Record 2017

And everyone was having a great time!

Chaplins World World Record 2017

In the end, the 662 Charlie Chaplin lookalikes all met up on the lawn behind the mansion. From the sky, their formation was a gigantic star shape which would lead to a world record. Never before have so many Charlie Chaplin lookalikes congregated in one spot!

Chaplins World World Record 2017
We have visited the Chaplin's World Museum last year, so check out our review and make sure to plan a visit! (300'000 visitors cannot go wrong...) Because truly, this is a "must see" museum in Switzerland: It is part Madame Tussauds, part selfie heaven and part a trip down Memory Lane.

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Chaplins World World Record 2017(All photographs copyright Chaplin's World)

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