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Zürich shopping tips by James, a hipster-at-heart banker

Zurich shopping for hipsters and bankers

Combining two different lifestyles is not always easy.

As a banker and hipster-at-heart, I enjoy mixing different looks. It is not always easy to find just the right boutiques and shops, however. I am always on the lookout for places that can satisfy my taste for fashion and my passion for tailored suits.

Besides taking care of my beard and retro haircut, I need to keep my entire appearance styled and thought through. (A true hipster would agree.) But like Clark Kent and Superman, I also need to personify a classy and impeccable, modern day, dapper banker during the day.

Where does a schizophrenic character like myself shop in Zürich? Here are some recommended shops for menswear in Zürich that usually satisfy both the banker and the hipster inside of me:


This shop provides everything for the gentleman – and more. From ties to coats, from sunglasses to travel kits, SuitSupply specializes in tailor made suits of high quality fabrics, yet at affordable prices. Their claim sums it up best: “Straight, to the point and still personal. Fast and effective.”

SuitSupply is located on Nüschelerstrasse 26. Find them on Instagram.



This higher end store is a “club for men” offering a unique selection of timeless and authentic menswear brands. A team of six tailors helps to create the perfect gentleman looks for their clients. Frankly, I simply love their advice!

Pelikamo is located on Pelikanstrasse 11. Find them on Instagram.


Benci Brothers

If you are looking for a pair of laced boots to create a perfect hipster look, Benci Brothers is the place to go. (The founders have decades of experience in the shoe business.) This store combines style with high quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. In short: Expect a pair of shoes that will accompany you for years.

Benci Brothers outlets are located at Sihlstrasse 33, Rämistrasse 7 and at Jelmoli on Bahnhofstrasse. Find them on Instagram.

Benci Brothers in Zurich
Benci Brothers in Zurich


Those looking for something different should turn to AP&CO, a great hidden treasure. Here, you can find the stylish yet useful Stutterheim raincoats, the Swedish Sandqvist backpacks that refine my urban style needs, as well as Aspesi, the Italian brand for a contemporary classy look.

AP&CO is located on Talstrasse 58. Find them on Instagram.

AP&CO Zurich

I hope that my suggestions for fashion boutiques and tailor made shops in Zürich will inspire you. Try them out and I can assure you that you will never look back.


James Cole is a traveling banker, business man and hipster at heart. He never gets tired of traveling and meeting new people. When this Asian food addict is not roller skating, you might find him doing yoga.

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