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Retro Swissness: Photographs from 1940’s

Courtesy of the Boston Public Library, I am happy to share this unique collection of archived Swissness! Most of these pictures are not dated, but they appear to have been taken in the late 1930's and 1940's. Also, look out for another edition of Retro Swissness in a couple of weeks! At that time, we will […]

Zurich Taxicab Fiasco

If you have ever waited outside Zurich's main station, you would know that we have a problem. Day and night, a ridiculous abundance of taxicabs is lined up right outside the main gate, with the problem being that they never seem to move from the spot. Apparently, the reason for this congestion is that Zurich has issued too many cab licenses […]

Gold Vending Machines Really Exist

Ok, I have to confess that this post is somewhat of a cheat. No, the picture is not photoshopped (or is it?) and the company "Gold To Go" actually exists! However, the gold vending machine is actually a German invention and should not be featured on a blog about Switzerland... The concept is simple: 1. Deposit money […]