Swiss Christmas Cookie Recipe - Spitzbuebe

"Spitzbuebe" are my favorite Swiss Christmas cookies, and here's the recipe

I took up baking while living abroad. Call it an act of desperation, but I was really missing those typical Swiss Christmas cookies. Tin cans filled with...

Burrito District brings Mexican madness to the heart of Zürich

I don't know about you, but one thing I have found lacking in Switzerland is good old Mexican food. Burrito District in Zürich...
Balade dans les vignes 2016

Balades dans le vignoble is an unmissable wine festival in Chablais

Fine wine, delicious delicacies, music and art in a phenomenal setting. Balades dans les vignoble is a divine way to spend a sunny Saturday in the vines...
Chocolate Workshop at Lindt in Zürich

The Lindt Chocolate Workshop in Zürich is 100% chocolate bliss

The Lindt Chocolate Workshop is open to the public, but spaces sell out quickly. Today, us chocoholics peeked inside this place...
Lavaux Vineyards in the Evening

Lavaux Passion is not only a wine tasting event, but an awakening of the senses

Nourishment of the senses is what comes to mind when I think of Lavaux Passion. Unlike a typical wine event, which is mainly focused on tasting...
Mondial des Pinots 2016

What it's like to judge at the Mondial des Pinots wine competition

Imagine 1347 wines from 24 countries. This is the portfolio that 65 wine judges faced at the Mondial des Pinots. Let me share a few tricks of the trade...
Swiss Dishes by LittleCITY

21 Swiss foods you need to try in your lifetime

What comes to mind when you think of typical Swiss foods? I ate my way through Switzerland, and here are 21 typical Swiss foods that impressed me...
Restaurant Zum Kuss Basel (by GlogeSession)

5 Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Basel

Here is a hot list of breakfast and brunch restaurants in Basel, shared by our friends who know this city the best...
S.Pellegrino Young Chef - Anne Sophie Taurines

This talented Swiss chef will compete at S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2016

S.Pellegrino is holding an international cooking competition for aspiring chefs: Young Chef 2016. Wait until you see the deciding dish by Swiss contender...