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12 Swiss foods you definitely cannot miss

While Switzerland’s national grocers, Migros and Coop, can complete with the best of them in other countries like the England, France, and the US, they do present expats with certain surprises.

Like in other places, the interior layout of Swiss grocery stores has also been designed using science and psychology to entice shoppers to buy more. However, it is more tailored to the Swiss mindset. Visitors will also discover many brands they recognize from their home country, which is only understandable because Nestlé is the worlds largest food company (and it happens to be a Swiss company.)

These Swiss products are loved by locals.

But with all these similarities, there are some products that might leave non-Swiss shoppers scratching their heads. Here are twelve products loved by the Swiss that you may seen in your local shop, in a restaurant, a cookbook, or a Swiss person’s home.

If you are Swiss and are living abroad, I apologize if these pictures make you hungry or a little homesick… But if you do not mind seeing all the delicacies that can be had in Switzerland, also check out our list of things that many Swiss Abroad miss.

Swiss Grocery Products - Thomy
Swiss Grocery Products - Cervelat

Swiss Grocery Products - Maggi
Swiss Grocery Products - Caotina

Swiss Grocery Products - Aromat
Swiss Grocery Products - Café HAG

Swiss Grocery Products - Cream
Swiss Grocery Products - Halb Halb

Swiss Grocery Products - Rivella
Swiss Grocery Products - Le Parfait

Swiss Grocery Products - Cenovis
Swiss Grocery Products - Wacholder

Interested in trying some of these foods? Have you tried some of them? What did you think?

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