Introductory offer: “77 Facts about Switzerland” e-book

Did you know that Velcro and LSD were invented in Switzerland? Or that many famous pioneers made a global impact while living here, such as World Wide Web designer Tim Berners-Lee or the founder of the Red Cross, Jean Henri Dunant?

Thought so. For our latest e-book containing 77 facts about Switzerland, we have tapped into our collective knowledge base here at Newly Swissed. On top of interesting facts, from hiking paths and cable cars to surprising laws, we have included 20 all new trivia questions about Switzerland.

Here is a sample question: “Are the following statements true or false?”

  • You can be fined for not giving up your seat on a bus to an elderly person.
  • A fish has a right to sue the angler who caught it.

This is just one of 20 creative trivia questions to test your Switzerland fact skills. Conveniently divided into eight chapters, this e-book allows you to soak up a bunch of Swiss facts which in turn make for good ice-breakers at social events.


Let us reveal three more chapter titles from the new e-book:

  • Law, Justice and Politics
  • What Switzerland has given the World
  • Food and Beverages
  • And many more!

On the download page, select PDF, ePUB or Amazon Kindle versions – or all three!

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Swiss Chocolate Aisle Migros

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