ViaGottardo Hiking Trail

Did you know there's a trail connecting Basel and Chiasso? It's called ViaGottardo.

The history of the ViaGottardo trail dates back to the 13th century. The trail crosses Switzerland...
Sesil Pir - Woman Entrepreneur in Basel

Inspiring words from Sesil Pir, a woman entrepreneur in Basel

How do you build more effective organizations and teams? Sesil Pir, an entrepreneur in Basel, thinks she may have found the answer...
Lasma from NorthLiving in Basel

NorthLiving is the Story of a Latvian Woman Entrepreneur in Basel

The North is not so far from Switzerland. In fact, you can find it in Basel at Lasma's shop inspired by her Latvian heritage. What is NorthLiving all about?
Restaurant Zum Kuss Basel (by GlogeSession)

5 Breakfast and Brunch Restaurants in Basel

Here is a hot list of breakfast and brunch restaurants in Basel, shared by our friends who know this city the best...


Night at the Museum Basel

Night at the Museum (Basel)

Once again, Basel is hosting its Night at the Museum. With one ticket, visit a number of museums taking part in Museumsnacht...
Retromedar The Party

Retromedar The Party Vol. 2 (Basel)

The NOMAD Eatery in Basel likes to keep things colorful. So on January 21, they will be hosting several live concerts - from acoustic guitar to dance...