Swiss Town Bans Photographing

This Swiss town temporarily banned tourists from photographing

Beautiful flowers, mountains and cows: There is so much beauty in Bergün, it is quite unbearable! As of this May, the town banned tourists from taking...
How to mildly annoy Swiss German friends

Here's how to mildly annoy your Swiss German friends

Swiss people are the main reason why I love living on Roger Federer's turf. I'm fond of how they take pride in their slow decision making process...
Lavaux Vineyards UNESCO World Heritage

15 Reasons to drop everything and go to Switzerland

Switzerland has so much to offer beyond cheese and chocolate. Not that you would need 14 reasons to drop everything and go to Switzerland...
Garden Gnome Collection Switzerland

16 More Worries that Keep the Swiss Awake at Night

Last year, while the Swiss were carrying on with their daily lives, I was secretly observing them to see if there is anything at all that bothers them...
Sunbathing Swiss - via imgur

13 Things that Newcomers Notice about the Swiss

The Swiss are a peculiar bunch, to say the least. From an early age, we are given a savings account at a Swiss bank, are encouraged to voice our opinion...
Sonnenbräu Bier

8 More Things I Have Noticed by Living with a Swiss Boyfriend

For an international couple, there are many surprising things that you discover about each other. By getting to know my Swiss boyfriend...
Swiss Cheese inside Fridge

9 Things I Have Noticed by Living with a Swiss Boyfriend

Go ahead and see if he still talks to you after saying that Belgian chocolate tastes better than Swiss Schoggi. Living with a Swiss boyfriend...

15 More Ways to Please the Swiss

What if you want to play nice and make Swiss friends? You have arrived at the right address because we know all the ways to please the Swiss...
No Vacation

15 Worries that Keep the Swiss Awake at Night

Beyond the unshakeable appearance of the stoic Swiss is a big brewing cauldron of emotions. The Swiss do worry like the rest of us, though...