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15 more photographs that scream “Only in Switzerland!”

From fondue vending machines to flag tossing competitions, there are certain things that only exist in Switzerland.

While living abroad, I used to have nostalgic feelings for everything from roadside chicken vendors to neatly stacked fire wood. So over the years, I have collected many photographs that basically scream Only in Switzerland! Due to popular demand and just in time for Swiss National Day, I am sharing some more photographs that have "Switzerland" written all over them:


A typical Swiss home might look as charming as this building in Bergün:

Residential Home in Bergün, Switzerland

Or as NSA-headquarter-ish as this apartment near Zürich:

Swiss Flag Outside Apartment in Switzerland

In order to gear up for winter, it is common in Switzerland to stack firewood in every nook and cranny.

Swiss Way of Stacking Firewood

At least 6000 corporations call a PO box in Zug their headquarters.

PO Boxes in Zug, Switzerland(Source)

Yet just down the street in Zug's old town, a rock on a wire holds down a resident's mail!

A rock holding down mail in Zug

Speaking of rocks, I am always fascinated by the sheer precision with which they lay cobblestones:

Cobblestone Plaza in Zürich, Switzerland

And speaking of precision, have you ever been to a flag tossing competition in Switzerland? They never drop it, no matter how high they hurl that flag in the air!

Flag Tossing - Fahnenschwingen - Switzerland

Another pastime of the Swiss is playing the alphorn.

Alphorn Players in Switzerland(Courtesy Dominik Gehl)

One time, I screamed "Only in Switzerland!" when I came across an alphorn while window shopping in Zürich!

Window shopping for an alphorn in Switzerland

Meanwhile, I got used to those 24/7 cheese fondue vending machines:

Cheese Fondue Vending Machine in Switzerland(Courtesy Kristine Strazdina)

Poultry in motion: the Güggelimaa is a staple in Switzerland, selling roasted chickens by the roadside.

Roasted Chicken - Roadside Vendor in Switzerland

Another staple, at least in my household: classic ice-cream popsicles from Migros!

Migros Ice-Cream Popsicles Glacé


Everyone in Switzerland has a dishwasher with fondue and raclette cleaning programs, no?

Swiss Dishwasher Has Raclette and Fondue Function(Photograph courtesy Greg Enriquez/Facebook)


The Swiss cross sometimes shows up in unusual places...

Garbage Container with Swiss Cross

... and unusual things show up in the middle of Zürich at the farmer's market!

Hemp Plants for Sale at Bürkliplatz Farmer's Market in Zürich

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Dimitri Burkhard

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