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More things you’ll never hear a Swiss person say

The Swiss have a healthy culture of debate and discourse. After all, listening to the various points of view is the foundation of a direct democracy. But despite their inherent openness to bring everything to the table, there are some things you'll never hear a Swiss person say...

"Austria has great skiing."

Skiing in Zell am See, Austria

"The EU is such a great idea, let's join it right away."


"I really appreciate it when foreigners correct my English grammar."


"Swiss German sounds ugly."

Swiss Icons - Swiss German Chuchichaeschtli

"The Röstigraben does not exist."


"And Heidi is just a figment of imagination."


"Sure, I'll pop by tomorrow."


"For the fun of it, let's invite some strangers to our party."


"I visit Jungfraujoch every year."

Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

"And I always stock some Jungfrau air at home."

Jungfrau Air

"I feel sorry for the cows that have to wear those noisy bells around their necks."


"I'd like to vote on more referendums."

Swiss Voting Ballots

"I pay someone to clean my house."


"I prefer German sourdough bread over Swiss bread."

Crunchy Swiss bread

"Insurance for my toaster? I don't need it."


"I never carry cash."

Swiss 20 franc bills

"And I'm sorry, but what's your name again?"

Here are even more things you'll never hear a Swiss person say.

Dimitri Burkhard

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  • I say at least 4-5 of those sentences. Despite accordting to this article I apparently never say this as a Swiss.
    “I feel sorry for the cows that have to wear those noisy bells around their necks.” -> CHECK
    “I pay someone to clean my house.” -> CHECK
    “Insurance for my toaster? I don’t need it.” -> CHECK
    “I never carry cash.” -> CHECK
    “And I’m sorry, but what’s your name again?” -> CHECK

  • tried to subscribe to the newsletter, but get “cheating” return. ich bschiesse aber noed, choend Sie mir haelfe? !??

Dimitri Burkhard

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