Buskers Lugano 2013

Impressions from the Buskers Street Music Festival in Lugano

Once a year, Lugano is home to one of the most wonderful street artist festivals I’ve ever seen. Lugano Buskers has just finished its fifth edition and I can say without a doubt: It keeps getting better...
Swiss Tanning Salons

What I didn't Know about Swiss Tanning Salons

The first big shock arrived when I tried going to a tanning salon. Your usual Italian tanning salon has many cubicles...
Locarno Film Festival

Glamour, Films and la Dolce Vita in Locarno

According to the Locarno Film Festival’s artistic director, this year’s festival is dedicated to “discoveries, young film makers and first features“...
Hiking to Cimetta, Ticino

Railing Away to Cimetta in Ticino

In just under 3 hours from Zürich HB by train, passing by the UNESCO world heritage site of Bellinzona, we reached Cardada Cimetta in Ticino...
Bellinzona - World Heritage Site

Why You Should Visit Bellinzona in Ticino

This weekend, we stayed in a mate’s rustico 40 minutes up the road from Bellinzona in the Blenio valley. While not the most famous town in the Italian speaking Canton of Ticino, it has fast become my favorite...
Locarno in springtime

Blooming Spring Impressions from Ticino

Clear blue skies are above, willow trees are swinging in the breeze, and dozens of stork couples have started building nests. Spring is definitely here in Switzerland...

Amazing Views (and Food) on Mt. San Salvatore

Most of Switzerland has been largely denied a summer this year. Fortunately, we still have the previously mentioned Ticino region though. On a recent weekend, we ended up basking in the sun on amazing Mt. San Salvatore near the city of Lugano!

Retro Photography of Modern Switzerland

Most Swiss own at least a cell-phone with a built-in camera.…
10 Reasons to Love Ticino

10 Reasons to Love Ticino in Switzerland's South

When the weather in the North gets unbearable (as in "cold and rainy"), the Swiss will escape to Switzerland's southern canton of Ticino. Here are 10 reasons...