Toblerone with Matterhorn Image

Toblerone is enjoyed by mountaineers and furry mammals

Anyone who has traveled abroad via an airport will recognize the chocolate that graces the shelves of duty free shops the world over: Toblerone.
Tales from the Armoire

A Primer on Swiss Street Food

Walking down Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich or Luzern on a busy day of shopping can really work up an appetite. What do you get when you don’t want to sit down at a restaurant? Street food!

30 fresh impressions from the streets of Zürich

We had the exclusive opportunity to participate in a photo walk organized by 85mm and Panoramio. Here is some fresh street photography from Zürich...
Tales from the Armoire

My Field Trip to a Swiss Supermarket

Today, we take a trip to the local supermarket. I took pictures of things I thought were different and interesting in two separate stores: Coop & Migros...
Tales from the Armoire

A New Twist on A Swiss Classic: Forest Fondue

A new trend in Switzerland is helping people to consume cheese fondue year round: Forest fondue. The name says it all – instead of eating your fondue at the table, you have it in the woods...
Freitag Truck Tarp Bag Production

Freitag Meets Museum für Gestaltung in Zürich

It all started in 1993, when the two graphic designers were looking for a functional, water repellent and robust bag to carry their design drawings.
ON Running Shoe Founder

Swiss Engineering Allows You to Run on Clouds

On is not a new Swiss car, but it is a way of mobility. On is the only Swiss running shoe and proudly features the tag engineered in Switzerland on every shoe...
Newly Swissed Easter Greetings 2012

Newly Swissed Easter Greetings

Easter is so special for Swiss kids. Their parents are off from work, the kindergarten teachers have decorated the walls, flowers are blooming, and most of all: Colorful chocolate eggs and bunnies are back in the stores...
Tales from the Armoire

Tales from the Armoire - A Multi-Part Series on Finding Identity through Family History (Part 4)

I drove down the Avenue d’Aïre on a gray Autumn day. I walked towards the large building which had been a beautiful home many years before and tried to imagine the former splendor of La Châtelaine...