International Balloon Festival 2015 - Chateaux d'Oex

Impressions from the International Balloon Festival

Château-d'Oex is a village with a significant story to tell. I was there during the International Balloon Festival, witnessing pilots work diligently... - Swiss Fashion Ambassador Bastian Baker – From a Swiss Basement to International Music Stages

It all started in 2004, when two brothers-in-law decided to gain some e-commerce experience selling Swiss products around the world. is a...
Vintage Swiss Packaging Design by Coop

Amazing Swiss Vintage Packaging from Coop

Retro design is definitely making a comeback. So when I spotted some vintage packaging on the shelf of my nearest Coop, I thought that...
Roger Federer has South African Citizenship

Psst! Here are 19 ingenious ways to piss off the Swiss

Most of us have probably stepped into proverbial cow dung by asking inappropriate questions while in a foreign country. To piss off the Swiss, you need...
CERVO Mountain Boutique Hotel, Zermatt, Switzerland

CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort in Zermatt

The CERVO Mountain Boutique Resort is beautifully located on the south west facing slope of Zermatt. As I climb the stairs with antler railing...
Audrey Hepburn Gravesite, Switzerland

In Search of Audrey Hepburn at Tolochenaz

I am not sure what is true, and I still ponder about it many years later: Did I fall in love with the character or the actress who played that character? Audrey Hepburn is... - Food Delivery in Switzerland

Ravioli di Ricotta à la Pesto Rosso - Bringing Home the Farm with Farmy

With the arrival of a new year comes a chance to reinvent old practices and embrace new traditions. Farmy delivers farm fresh foods all over Switzerland...
Glacier 3000 Peak Walk, Gstaad, Switzerland

4 Unmissable Experiences in Gstaad

Gstaad is the proverbial haven of charm and repose. A place that gifted an honorary citizenship to actress Julie Andrews and hosts the likes of Madonna...
How I Got My Swiss C Permit - Bill

How to Get Your Swiss C Permit: No Weed-whacking on Sundays

Unless I do something seriously forbidden like weed-whacking on a Sunday, I will obtain my long-coveted Swiss C Permit in March...