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Some silly (but earnest) questions about Switzerland

"There are no dumb questions." That's something they tell you in school.

Yet, without judging anyone, we cannot believe some of the silly questions about Switzerland we have received over the years. With a potion of humor, let us take a stab at providing some answers...

General confusion about Switzerland

Q: Who discovered Switzerland?

A: Archeology shows that Stone Age hunters have been living in Switzerland already before the last Ice Age. The Old Swiss Confederacy was founded in the first days of August, 1291 (hence Switzerland's national holiday is celebrated on August, 1st).

What country is Switzerland in?

Unless you're talking about Little Switzerland, NC, we don't understand your question.

Is Belgium in Switzerland?

It depends on your definition of "Belgium" and "Switzerland"...

More or less forgiving questions

What's the square footage of Switzerland?

We're not that small, thanks.

Who is the king of Switzerland?

We actually have two kings: Matthias Sempach and Roger Federer!

Are there grasshoppers in Switzerland?

Yes. Both the insect kind as well as the soccer team kind.

Are there gorillas in Switzerland?

Stop it now…

Sweden vs. Switzerland - once and for all!

Is Sweden the same as Switzerland?

I think you've answered your own question.

Is Sweden a part of Switzerland?

Not in the past, not now, and not in the near future…

"I'll have a Royal with cheese" (or "Swiss cheese"?)

Is Swiss cheese made in Switzerland?

By definition, any cheese made in Switzerland is "Swiss" cheese. But many cheese products labeled as "Swiss cheese" which you can buy abroad are manufactured outside of Switzerland.

Was Swiss cheese invented in Switzerland?

Obviously, Swiss cheese originated in Switzerland. It was first mentioned by a first century historian who called it "cheese of the Helvetians", one of the tribes living in Switzerland at the time.

What is the Swiss name for "Swiss cheese"?

That's actually a good question! There are many names for the many cheeses made in Switzerland, but none of them is "Swiss cheese"!

Do you know if Switzerland has a lot of chocolate?

Chocolate? No way, there is barely any chocolate in Switzerland… *tears open a bar of Lindt and chuckles*

What country makes the best chocolate: Belgium or Switzerland?

I assume this is a rhetorical question?

The following questions are pretty much unforgiving...

What is the postal code for Switzerland?

90210. Are you serious?

Is it illegal to chew gum in Switzerland?

Nope! This is not Singapore…

Are Swiss Army knives invented by the Swiss?

Yes! And this post covers all there is to know.

"Good question!"

What's something about Switzerland that most people don't know?

In Switzerland, it was once required that every resident has access to a nuclear fallout shelter. Here are more facts about Switzerland.

What's the name for the holes in Swiss cheese?

The holes in Swiss cheese are called eyes. Swiss cheese with no holes is sometimes referred to as "blind" cheese.

How do the holes in Swiss cheese get there?

It's an age-old question… I am not legally allowed to reveal this state secret, though!

Is there a Hooters in Switzerland?

So random... Yes, there are three Hooters franchises in Switzerland.

Why does everybody love Switzerland?

You're on the right website to find the answer to this question!

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  • THIS IS HILARIOUS! However, it is so true! I have a friend who told me: “Oh my God you’re moving to Switzerland? I heard in the North it is night-time during the day in winter!!” (Of course, he thought I was talking about Sweden…). My hairdresser asked me about the number of cows per square meter one could find in Switzerland…. well I guess if you fill Switzerland up of cows and you put them all together very very close, you might find half a cow per square meter…

  • there are going to be gorilla’s in switzerland when jen and i get our gorilla costumes for our run in london!!!! ;)

  • The most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard was at the beach in Miami. “Oh Switzerland. What state is that in? It’s not Florida, right?” >_< … I felt the urge to buy him an atlas but then decided that he wouldn't be able to read it anyway.

    • @Kristina: Wow, that’s pretty sad. But then again, Disney has a Matterhorn and Epcot has Little Switzerland (I believe), so no wonder this poor soul was confused!

Dimitri Burkhard

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