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9 reasons to (absolutely) love Switzerland

Dear Switzerland,
I think I love you. I came all the way from Italy to find myself in love with you. It's not only your beautiful flag, the Alps, or the trains that run on time. There are so many more details that only occurred to me after having lived on your soil for a while.

Without further ado, here are the reasons why I love you, dear Switzerland:

Swiss trains

Here's the iconic SBB Churchill, named after the British celebrity who once embarked on it.

Beautiful Swiss watches

The Mondaine essence watch below is made of mostly renewable materials.

Cheeky tourism postcards

Reasons to Love Switzerland - Postcards

No waiting time at the post office.

This is enough to make any Italian swoon. I have this picture on my phone and I show it to my Italian friends. They cry.

Reasons to Love Switzerland - Post Office

Assembling your own egg carton at the supermarket.

Reasons to Love Switzerland - Eggs Galore

Can you say "sexy door-to-door cheese fondue delivery" three times in a row?

Reasons to Love Switzerland - Sexy cheese fondue

On-demand medium services.

Reasons to Love Switzerland - At home medium services

Very handsome pumpkins

Pumpkin Dolphin at the Juckerfarm Pumpkin Exhibit 2021

November weather invites for swims in Swiss lakes*

Reasons to Love Switzerland - November Weather

*OK, this last one is a joke. The picture was actually taken in Southern Italy. Because the weather here in Ticino has been wet and miserable lately… Some things are still better in Italy, after all!


Alessandra is a "kinda creative gal" who came from Milano to live in Lugano. She loves vintage stuff, photography, street art, and typography. She eats a lot of spaghetti, drinks coffee all day long, and shares her unique insights with you!


    • Chocolate… well, I may sound like an heretic saying it, but I find it over-rated. Swiss are much more obsessed about their cheese, their fondue and their potatoes than they are about chocolate. At least here in Lugano :)

  • How about the chocolate, the cheese, the small towns in the middle of nowhere in Valais that make you feel like you are actually in Switzerland, the fact that people still Yodel, the fact that the sun shines in the winter (only if you ski), …. ?

    • Cheese has been thoroughly appreciated in the fondue-at-home part. :) About chocolate, meh, living in Lugano you get a lot of chocolate and chocolate shops, but it’s stuff for tourists actually. See, this is mainly a short list of stuff that us Italians would love when moving to Ticino, so it’s neither complete nor definite. It’s just a personal list of everyday items that seems extraordinary to me :) If you think about reasons to love Switzerland you can easily reach number 100 before running out of ideas!

      • I don’t know about that. i really like switzerland a lot but if I can find 100 reasons?? hmm… :) Well I lived in Belgium a long time, a country supposedly “known” for its chocolate. I have to say that Swiss chocolate is MUCH BETTER than Belgian chocolate ;)

  • Sorry but you have to wonder where Ms. Modiganani lives in Switzerland and how long! Obviously not too long. As others mentioned you can easily have made 10-20 reasons to love Switzerland. Let’s see – yes chocolate – and yes it is amazing. And if you go to Migros you’ll see stacks and stacks of varieties never sold outside of Switzerland – in amazing flavors. How about the delicious, inexpensive lunches you can get at the top of Migros or Jelmoli? What about the crusty, freshly baked breads in the markets? What about the amazing pastries at Sprungli (even in the train station!)And “Cheeky postcards” made the list? Really? And very important – what about the close proximity of the other cantons you can experience? Some of the most beautiful mountain climbing, and hotels!


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