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So we went to the Appenzeller Ländlerfest

Typical Appenzell House

While Zurich was pulsating to techno beats, we decided to escape to the cutesy Swiss town of Appenzell.

This place was pulsating alright, but not to techno beats. Instead, the restaurants and venues bounced to the traditional sounds of yodel and "Ländler" music (folk music). The 14. Appenzeller Ländlerfest was lots of fun, as you will see from the pictures and the exclusive video below.

An all-women Appenzeller quartet (this is probably a big deal since in 1990, this canton was last to pass women's voting rights).

Appenzeller Ländlerfest 2010
Appenzeller Ländlerfest 2010

These kids in traditional costumes are selling lottery tickets:

Appenzeller Ländlerfest 2010

Here, I am getting to know the locals:

Appenzeller Ländlerfest 2010

And now, enjoy this exclusive video featuring the best of Appenzeller folk music and yodeling:

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